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Operating nationally with offices in the main capitals of Brazil, Albra - Alliance Brazilian Corporate Law - brings together the expertise of local offices of more than twenty members, providing coordinated and integratedlegal services to national and multinational companies of different sizes.


Bringing together more than 200 lawyers, Albra offers a unique service in business law full service combined with business expertise in the most active sectors of the Brazilian economy.

In short, your company will have the following benefits:


► Presence recognized in major business centers in the country;
►Integrated and coordinated practice;
►Experience in key legal areas of business law;
►Experience of business in key market sectors;
►Differentiated service and commitment to the success of your business.

Contact us to learn how we can contribute to the continued success of your current and future business.

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SCRS 502, Bloco C, Entrada 53,
2° andar, Asa Sul, Brasília-DF,
CEP: 70.330-530

Tel: +55 61 3226-9553

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SCRS 502, Bloco C, Entrada 53, 2° Andar, Asa Sul, Brasília-DF, CEP: 70.330-530 - Telefax: +55 61 3226-9553